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Ridgewood Precinct Plan
City of Winnipeg Public Service Recommended Amendments to the Ridgewood South Precinct Plan, September 2013
Ridgewood South
Statutory Plan - Draft Revision 2
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Ridgewood Precinct Plan
The area known as 'Ridgewood South' is approximately 800 acres of largely vacant, private land in south Charleswood, owned by over 100 individuals and businesses. The area is home to important City assets including the Harte Trail and the Varsity View Sportsplex, and is home to several businesses and numerous homes.

We believe it is important to create vibrant new communities in areas that represent the logical and planned growth of our City. This project involves the creation of the 'Ridgewood Precinct Plan' – a document that will help guide the orderly, efficient and creative development of these lands over the next number of decades. A Precinct Plan typically includes policies on such matters as sewer, water and land drainage services, roads, land use types and densities, development cost sharing, recreation facilities, and other important planning considerations.

Landmark Planning & Design Inc. and Stantec are working with major area landowners and the City of Winnipeg, to prepare a Precinct Plan for this area. We feel that involving landowners and other area stakeholders throughout the preparation of this plan is very important and will help create a better process and a better plan moving forward.

There will be a number of opportunities for individuals to participate and so we encourage you to stay involved!
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Ridgewood Precinct Area
Ridgewood Precinct Area

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